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Exclusive Interview with Adam Richman

Renowned celebrity chef and host of NBC’s Food Fighters and Man Finds Food on the Travel Channel, Adam Richman tells us all about his favorite foods, personal experiences, and more in this exclusive interview.



Destination America

Destination America

Explore the very best in food festivals, farmer’s markets, wine and cuisine, and the special places that make it all possible.

Mountain Getaways

A Guide to Spending Time in the Snowcaps

We’re providing top picks for choosing a mountainous destination as your getaway spot. From Pennsylvania to the Blue Ridge, we’ve got a variety of resorts and lodges worth visiting time and time again.

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Good Eats

Best College Towns

When it comes to food, beer and fun, college towns are usually number one. Explore these areas with us and you’ll find eclectic cafes, foodie tours, libation-tasting destinations, and more.

Coastal Cuisine

Coastal Cuisine

What’s the best thing about being a seafood-loving traveler? Finding that special place that knows exactly how to serve it up. These are your top destinations for sand, sun and fresh seafood.

Wine & Beer

Top Wine, Beer, and Distillery Destinations

These prime locations across America are creating original brews and batches, all for you and up for grabs. If you’re a fan of grapes, hops, barrels and malts, you’ll want to check out these hidden gems.